Friday, October 14, 2011

Degas and the Nude - I need to be able to take the pictures home.

Last week I spent about 1-1/2 hours perusing this wonderful exhibit. I got to the museum right at opening and because it was a members only preview a crowd hadn't developed yet. Degas is a favorite and I'd been anticipating this exhibit for some time. Without exception the pictures were both beautiful and interesting. I took in all that I had energy for and soon recognized the difficulty in absorbing so much work in such a short time.

It occurred to me that in order to fully appreciate a work of art you should be able to experience it on a daily basis - hanging on your wall - that an exhibit such as this is really only a cursory exposure to such wonderful work.

The relatively inexpensive catalog only suggested the qualities of the originals. You need to rely upon your memory quite a bit. One of the remarkable things about catalogs from photography exhibits is that the catalogs are quite faithful to the originals. Paintings and drawings suffer immeasurably.

So I will without a doubt go back to this exhibit several times and have to be satisfied with the catalog.

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